Our firm

We are a team of expert: lawyers, accountants, business and marketing consultants, trade and business experts

And all together we provide to our Costumers all the service they need to set up a company and develop their business around the world.

Friendly Approach

Not only customers, but friends and partners.

It's the way we support we work.

Easy Reach

We are dislocated in Europe and Asia and we use all technology (wechat, skype, whatsapp) to keep always in touch with our clients.

True professionals

We are all professional certificated in our country, with international experience.


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Complete Business Services

ITHAI is a boutique consulting firm, specialized in the internationalization of SMEs. We help European companies to go into the Asian market and Asian companies to come to Europe. We make it possible with a group of expert in different fields: lawyers, accountants, business consultants, trade and business experts, marketing and digital marketing consultants, who are committed to providing premium quality products and exceptional service.

We provide legal, financial and business support in different countries, especially in Italy, Switzerland, South East Asia, China and Hong Kong. Our mission is to create a personal environment where each client receives professional, knowledgeable, consistent and dependable advice. Ultimately, we strive to help our clients achieve peace of mind by taking over their legal or business burden.