We provide quality advice to assist you in your business around the world.

Our specialists provide services such as:

  • legal assistance;
  • set up a new company;

  •  manage your company;

  •  comprise legal, tax advice and financial consulting;

  •  intellectual property protection;

  •  manage and improve your brand and your company reputation;

  •  company establishment, JV implementation, international Human Resource Staffing &

    Employment Solutions;

  •  m&a operations;

  • audit & due diligence services.

  • Legal Consulting

    We provide legal business consulting to our clients. Commercial Law: Every kind of advice for small, medium and big companies. Set up new companies, negotiating contracts. Litigation and managing disputes. In the commercial law area, we draft and negotiate contracts in various languages...

  • Business Consulting

    ITHAI provides financial and business support in different countries, especially in Italy, Switzerland, South East Asia, China and Honk Kong. Our services: set up a new company; manage your company; comprise legal, tax advice and financial consulting;intellectual property protection;...

  • Tax advice and financial consulting

    ITHAI provides highly qualified financial and tax consulting services to start-up companies, running businesses and joint ventures of different industries to optimize their cash flow, financial efficiency and profitability.

  • IP protection and Branding

    Ithai has a great experience in IP. We should protect your brand, with copyright registration, trademarks, including registration and enforcement, licensing agreement and litigation. At the same time, our law and marketing department help your company to develop your brand.

  • Marketing Consulting

    We research marketing trends and data and provide expert information regarding promotions, branding, media channels, and other key information for marketing success. Our Services include: Strategy & Consulting, Branding & Design, Website Development, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing...