Distributed Ledger Technologies e sistemi di Blockchain

June 27, 2018

Segnalo a tutti che oggi è stato pubblicato il terzo volume della nostra collana DirICTo: Distributed Ledger Technologies e sistemi di Blockchain Autore:Maria Letizia Perugini *** Lo trovate al seguente link https://www.homebookshop.it/distributed-ledger-technologies-e-sistemi-di-blockchain.html *** Grandi complimenti a Maria Letizia per l’ottimo lavoro! *** Today DirICTo published the new volume: Distributed Ledger Technologies e sistemi di Blockchain (in Italian) Autore:Maria Letizia Perugini *** You can buy it at https://www.homebookshop.it/distributed-ledger-technologies-e-sistemi-di-blockchain.html *** Congratulations to Maria Letizia for the great job!

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AC Legal newsletter

May 20, 2018

Let’s read the newsletter of our Parnter AC LEGAL (only in Italian): https://mailchi.mp/26f3849baf85/newsletter-32018 Or if you want to subscribe, send an email to info@ac-legal.eu

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China invests in IT in South America

March 20, 2018

Here an interesting article about the IT in South America and the Chinese investment (in Italian) Sudamerica nuovo Eldorado del tech. E la Cina lo ha capito prima

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legal newsletter

March 12, 2018

Let’s read our legal newsletter (just in Italian): https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmailchi.mp%2F4f6025d10246%2Fnewsletter-legale-22018&h=ATOI1Sn0v9ABnHiu5ZleN4e9xpkELir6mEqcXiFK0Pf8OtW7imqquvk5hM6keKA0ipPpYgxeE1SLFadaa13yyLgZSngAdCxMg7qd6XqmLuK_NnwCFOzQW8s

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Air Italy – Meridiana changes name with the support of Qatar airways

February 20, 2018

Qatar airways came to help Meridiana and the economic trouble of the company. The new name of the company will be Air Italy, with new brand and new energy. #meridiana #qatat #airitaly #airplane

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R.I.P. John Perry Barlow

February 11, 2018

John Perry Barlow passed away yesterday. He was a pioneer, a reasercher and a leader of the internet freedom. https://www.eff.org/…/john-perry-barlow-internet-pioneer-19… #Barlow #eff #internet #freespeech

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